Face checking for Dragons

Chapter 2 - Schrodinger's Bandit Camp

The party tracks down the bandits main camp, expertly? dispatching some rear guard patrols on the way. Once there they boldly walk right in though the main gate.

Lex steals a Cultist outfit and puts it on wrong, getting lots of funny looks that he doesn’t notice, or do anything about. He loses money drinking, but is able to uncover some of the camp gossip.
Eventually getting roped into kitchen duty, where he proceeds to be the most suspicious potato peeler in the history of potatoes.

Heph and Flint subtly track down the camp prisoners. Varis finds out where Leosin is being held, but is recognized from his solo fight with Cyanwrath and is captured.

Heph frees the prisoners while Flint does something with a cart of hay, and gets captured.
Lex takes some potatoes to the bathroom and is captured.

Lex and Flint are questioned separately by Frulam Mondath. Flint convinces her he’s just a dwarf down on his luck and is transferred to the regular prisoner’s tent. Lex says some ridiculous shit and gets sent to the maximum security prisoner’s pole along with Varis, to join Leosin.

Heph frees Flint and they start a fire to disrupt the camp. Leosin frees himself, Lex and Varis.

The party then scale the cliffs surrounding the camp and escape back to Greenest.


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